Training & Certification Courses

Green Career Paths 2023
Over 5 million new jobs will be created in the near term for over 200 job categories from technicians, installers, engineers, and scientists to urban planners and system designers.
The Marcraft Green Technology program provides a multifaceted training solution for green technology careers.
Choose the comprehensive Renewable Energy Program; focus on one or more specific green technology certifications; or learn in-depth about other green technologies.
Using current industry theory and hands-on practices, the Marcraft Renewable Energy Program includes:
  • Hands-on training panels for 7  individual technologies, which includes Solar PV, Wind Power, Fuel Cells, Environmental Monitoring, Hydro Power, Biofuels, and Energy Auditing.
  • Fully illustrated student text written by green industry luminary Jay Warmke.
  • Fully illustrated lab guide featuring guided hands-on procedures as well as open research and design activities.
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    Select programs support SCADA functionality.
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GT-1500 Generating Clean Electrons

The GT-1500 Clean Electron Generation course provides students an introductory, hands-on, interactive experience with the three leading sources of alternative energy generation technologies: Wind Power, Solar Power, and Fuel Cells. Upon completion, students will confidently be able to identify the individual components of each power generation approach and articulate their function and contribution to the overall process. Will prepare students for full-scale programs ahead.

GT-2500 Sustainable Conservation

The GT-2500 Sustainable Conservation Technology Panel provides students an introductory hands-on interactive experience with multiple energy design, monitoring and auditing processes and technologies. As important as generating power and energy can be, it is equally important to understand how we can conserve and improve upon our current processes. With identification and analysis techniques learned throughout the course, students will understand how new techniques such as LEED design are improving the efficiency of our energy usage.


GT-1000 Solar Photovoltaic Installer Certification Program

The Solar PV Technology Training Panel allows instructors to teach every aspect of solar power to their students. From installation, to configuration, to AC and DC conversion, students can learn how each of the features of solar power work together. Using the NABCEP and ETA certifications as guiding principles, students will gain valuable knowledge and experience in topics such as solar resources and principles; selection identification; proper installation sequence, performance characteristics and troubleshooting methods; permitting best safety practices; and economic impact.

GT-2000 Wind Turbine Installer Certification Course

Wind turbines, whether large or small, are increasingly popular for energy generation, especially in off-grid environments. As a result, manufacturers are constantly increasing development efforts to develop the next generation of smaller wind turbines. Marcraft’s Wind Turbine training panel will prepare students on topics such as the theory of wind energy and electrical generation; site evaluation; design and selection of wind systems; proper installation, components, and troubleshooting methods; safety; finance; and environmental assessment and management.

GT-9500 Solar/Wind Energy Certification Program

Best of Two Worlds! Combine solar and wind technology into one comprehensive learning environment focusing on the best in new green technologies. The best of the GT-1000 and GT-2000 in one panel and one curriculum.

GT-3000 Fuel Cell Training Course

The Marcraft Fuel Cell Technology training program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of fuel cell technology. The program covers the fundamentals of fuel cell systems, including their construction, operation, and maintenance. Students will gain experience working with data acquisition software, graphing and scientific calculators, mechanical drawings and digital multimeters. A Fuel Cell Technician may work in transportation or portable and stationary applications.

GT-4000 Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Monitoring (EM) Training Program enables students to study the human effect on our environment. Hands-on labs introduce students to data loggers, sensors, and lab equipment to perform the necessary tests on air and water to establish quality, identify heavy metals, eliminate noise pollution, and filter out light and UV radiation, to name a few.
EM technicians provide critical data for environmental scientists and specialists.

GT-5000 Hydro Power Training Program

Marcraft’s Hydro Power training panel will ensure individuals are trained in all aspects of the operation and maintenance of a hydro generation plant, as well as flow control of the river system and tributaries. They will confidently be able to monitor equipment conditions and performance, accomplish preventive and minor maintenance routines, and conduct process control and failure analyses. Students will operate plant equipment such as turbines, pumps, valves, gates, fans, electric control boards, and battery banks.

GT-6000 Biofuels Training Program

Marcraft Biofuels Training Program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of biofuel technology. Within the GT-6000 training panel, students will understand the various ways of making biofuels including chemical reactions, fermentation, and heat to break down the starches, sugars, and other molecules in plants. The resulting products are then refined to produce a fuel that cars or other vehicles can utilize for power. In this program, students will work with and understand a variety of fuel sources including corn, sugarcane, soybeans and other plants that are used to produce biofuels.

GT-7500 Energy Auditing Certification Course

Establish working knowledge of standard energy auditing practices and LEED certification standards. Be able to calculate the energy efficiencies of lighting as well as evaluate the climate control capabilities of structural designs and insulation materials. Effectively use current technologies available including infrared cameras for evaluation of both residential and commercial buildings.


GT-900T Green Technology Concepts and Practices Textbook

This Marcraft GreenSTEM Training Guide sets the stage introducing the principles that led us to the quest for rapid expansion of green technologies – the worldwide energy crisis, global warming, rapidly expanding middle classes around the world, diminishing worldwide resources, and global power economics. In subsequent chapters, basic electrical principles are covered along with the theory of each major green technology, which is covered in detail. In each case, you will learn the underlying science of the technology, the application of the science to these technologies, math principles associated with the technology as well as engineering and design principles required to implement and scale the technology.