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STS-1000 STS Basic Certification Program

Teach students to install and interconnect residential electronic communications, computer, control and entertainment equipment. These expert training systems are the perfect addition to existing construction or electronics program.
Smart Technology Systems (STS) is a professional certification for those who design and oversee the installation and integration of electronics systems in residences and light commercial buildings. In a modern integrated environment, these system are associated with the facility’s SOHO networks – both wired and wireless.

STS Endorsements

In addition to the BASIC STS Certification, it is possible to obtain additional endorsements for more specialized areas of home electronics integration.

NOTE: Requires the RS-1000

Link to AV Endorsement
Link to CN Endorsement
Link to EC Endorsement
Link to SS Endorsement


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DC-6000 STS Fiber Optics Installer Certification Course

The Complete Fiber Optic Installers Certification Course from Marcraft prepares technicians to answer the growing demand for qualified cable installers who can understand and implement fiber-optic technologies. The text/lab book covers the theory and hands-on skills needed to prepare students for fiber-optic entry-level certification.

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DC-200 Commercial Low-Voltage Wiring Certification Program

The Complete Data Cabling Installers Certification, from the Electronic Technician Association (ETA), provides the IT industry with a vendor-neutral introduction for skilled personnel installing low voltage cabling.
Marcraft provides students with the knowledge and skills required to pass the ETA Data Cabling Installer Certification (DCIC) exam and to become a certified cable installer. The DCIC is nationally recognized and is the hiring criterion used by major communication companies.


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SS-2000 Security & Surveillance Certification Program

Alarm security technicians protect homes and businesses by installing, testing, and servicing security and surveillance systems. This type of job requires good knowledge of electrical principles. Marcraft provides a practical way to practice these skills with this certification course.